Visitors Visitors to the UK for business, tourism or to stay with friends or family can stay for up to a maximum of 6 months. They must have sufficient funds for their stay, or a sponsor who can fund their visit and return fare. Visitors (except Prospective Students, or Doctors with successful PLAB Test results and an approved work status) must leave the UK after the visit, as it is not possible to switch into any other category. To change to another category a fresh visa application must be made at a British Visa Post abroad.

Business Visitors People coming on business in the UK can conduct meetings, make decisions about the development of their business but cannot sell goods or services on a long term basis. Business Visitors are expected to conduct their business and leave the UK when the business is finished. Taking a working position in a company in the UK is not permitted on a Visit - a Work Permit must be applied for by the Company if the business is to become "work".

Students on Short Courses. Students coming for a few weeks only, for intensive courses, or even to attend training classes within a UK branch of a company they work for abroad, can be treated as visitors if the course is not to be followed by further studies or training in the UK. If you are not sure about the status of the studies, then have a look at the students page or please seek advice from Cooper Tuff Consultants, or the nearest British Visa issuing office.