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Recent changes in UK Immigration Laws and Rules have been made to give priority to persons with business and employment skills and qualifications. While it is still possible gain sponsorship by an employer for lower skills, the Government now expects skills which are unable to be filled from within the resident UK work force to be met klaregely by the workforce within the expanding European Community.

All requests for residence based on employment, business skills, invesment ability and study have been condensed into five Tiers. Points must be calculated based on an applicant's previous / current education, employment, self-employment or business skills. Study the Tier levels in the menu aside to see how the scheme may apply to you.

Once you have studied the information, please apply it to your situation to get an indication of whether you may qualify for entry to the UK, and then contact us using the messaging facility on our "Contact Us" page.

For any application under any of these Immigration categories you will be expected to produce original documentation to confirm that you have the skills, qualifications and financial background to succeed with an application.

* NB - Nationals of European Community states need no prior approval to come to work in the UK, but nationals of recently joining member countries may need to apply under the Worker Registration Scheme after arrival. See "Worker Registration Scheme"