About us

The company was started in 1990 by Nigel Cooper and Robert Tuff, former immigration officers with many years experience at major ports in the UK. Their experience of applying complex UK immigration rules and laws, and knowledge of Home Office consideration of cases was therefore helpful in building a business which deals sensibly with requests for UK residence or nationality.

Raj Balu joined the company as a Consultant in 2004, bringing in his previous 7 years of immigration experience in London based law firms. His legal background and wide experience in all categories of UK Immigration and Nationality play an important role in advising how applicants should proceed and in preparing submissions to the UK Border Agency. In 2006, Raj Balu became a Director of Cooper Tuff Consultants.

Our Aim To provide accurate assessments of client circumstances and requests for help, and only to process those applications that satisfy the rules and policies of the Departments. To ensure that the client is fully satisfied with our service, advice and assistance.

Regulation Cooper Tuff Consultants Ltd are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). The OISC was set up to regulate immigration consultants to ensure that advice given would be of a high standard, and that applications handled would be professionally presented to the Departments on behalf of clients. Cooper Tuff are pleased to support the policies and rules of the OISC. Our registered number is F200100082